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As with many things, printing involves a process. Each step builds upon the preceding one and all are equally important in ensuring a successful end product. CJPW provides first-rate prepress services for you to take advantage of as needed.

CJPW will happily format and construct a print-ready or film-ready document for you. We’re also happy to adjust your file to ensure proper sizing. This is particularly critical with folders that have multiple panels.

Most printed pieces contain images, whether photographic, graphic or artwork. CJPW can convert your image to a digitally formatted scan prior to print production. Utilizing both flatbed and cylinder scanners, we convert flexible images, such as photographs and illustrations as well as rigid ones, such as book illustrations and canvases to high-resolution images. To achieve the best possible quality, we consider the type of paper a given project will be printed on and the corresponding screen value.

While only telling a portion of the story, images usually get first recognition in any piece. Most images are scanned and require lightening, blending, darkening or deleting of certain areas to ensure quality. CJPW professionals can retouch and sharpen your images and make them vibrant, compelling and memorable.

There are times when a press proof is required so that a client can see exactly what the finished product will look like prior to printing. To prepare and produce a press proof, CJPW goes through the same process as we do in full production, including film or CTP output, stripping, platemaking and printing. Larger jobs with many halftones, duotones or special graphics can be selectively press proofed by picking a representative grouping of images and running a smaller sheet.

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