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Digital Printing Services Explained

If you have ever had any questions about printing, read on. From prepress to fulfillment, let CJPW guide you through digital printing services.

There are countless varieties of digital print materials, using various types and grades of paper, ink, and printing methods. Taking a project from conception to completion requires the following:

  • Prepress preparation; getting images and documents ready for printing.
  • Determining the best printing method to achieve both the desired effect and cost-effectiveness.
  • Selecting the right paper for the project.
  • Finishing; presenting the printed materials, i.e. binding, folding, perforating, laminating, and die-cutting.
  • Picking envelope and label types when applicable.
  • Fulfillment; turning all the pieces of the project into a cohesive whole.

For more detailed information on affordable design and printing and the options available to you and your organization, read our articles, or register to access the Knowledge Base.

Affordable Design and Printing, Ordering Advice

While we will work meticulously to bring you high quality printing, including digital printing services, there are some things that you can do to make sure everything is in order the first time around, so we can continue to bring you affordable design and printing.

First, check that copy has been thoroughly proofed by more than one person. Nothing is worse than reprinting a beautiful suite of stationery because of a typo in the contact information.

Always request a mock-up or "dummy" of your project, to review feel and opacity of the paper and the finished piece. Also, when designing with color inks and/or color paper, remember that printing inks are transparent, which means that their appearance will often change when printed on non-white paper.

You may also want to consider some type of over-coating, to prevent scratches and scuffs. You can also check to see if there is a less expensive stock that can be substituted to cut costs and still achieve the same effect. And, you may want to consider ordering extra copies in your initial print run, as a re-run will cost more. Reasonably priced expert design and printing is what you’ll find each time you choose to partner with CJPW.

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