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Direct Mail Printing

Let our Fulfillment Team take your direct mail printing project from press straight to your audience. Fulfillment services include comprehensive data manipulation, list maintenance, postal pre-sorting, ink-jetting, bagging and post-office delivery. Fulfillment for our direct mail printing is processed directly from our Brooklyn facility where we assemble and mail almost two million pieces annually. Mailing direct reduces handling and additional transportation costs.

We can even do custom label printing or ink-jetting and addressing for you. This gives your message a sleek look on the inside and the outside of your envelopes.

More information about our services:

Custom Label Printing

Printed labels have become a virtually indispensable product, finding widespread use for everything from simple return address stickers to the more sophisticated labels affixed to an assortment of large-format envelopes. Today, pressure-sensitive label stock is the label of choice. This stock has the familiar peel-off liner on the back, with splits or cuts at various positions to permit easy removal of the backing. Two types of adhesives are available, permanent and removable.

Pressure-sensitive label papers are made in offset (uncoated), satin litho (dull sheen), matte (dull), and cast coated (high gloss) finishes. The more common basis weight is 60 lb. CJPW can add a gloss coating for a high level of protection and shine. A variety of heavier papers and card stocks are also available for custom label printing, both for interior and exterior use, including foils and vinyls.

Labels are available in any size or shape. However, you can save if you design your label to fit within a range of trim sizes. Standard mailing labels measure from 3”x 5” to 4”x 5” or 4 ¼”x 5 ¼”. When printing smaller quantities to go with a stationery suite, for example, these sizes can be cut from 8 ½” x 11” sheets and will cost less than other special sizes.

It's easy to achieve the look that you want when you work with us, because we provide customized services that deliver what you want. Talk to us about custom label printing or any of our other services. If you are unsure as to whether we can do something for you, call us and ask; you'll find all of our contact information here on the website.

If your project requires custom shapes or sizes of paper, then it will also require custom die cutting. Read on to learn more about this process.

Custom Die Cutting

One of the things that distinguishes us among other printing companies, is our ability to create custom dies in any shape you require. While we do have hundreds of stock dies, which cover a broad spectrum of jobs, our custom die cutting services are necessary in some instances. For example, odd shapes and proportions, or tight border-to-bleed margins are situations that may require a custom die if one of our stock dies does not fit the job.

You can depend on CJPW for all of your direct mail printing needs.


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