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Presentation Folder Printing from CJPW

First impressions are difficult to change, and often, attention to the details of a presentation can have a significant effect on its reception by an audience. Corporate presentation folder printing from CJPW can give you an edge that opens your audience to your message. Send a clear message, that you and your organization do not neglect the small things that make a difference in the world of business.

Best of all, CJPW can handle your folder printing project whether its design and layout is creative and complex or sleek and simple. We use our knowledge of printing to help your creativity flourish in the form of a quality final product.

Find out more about our services:

Creative Pocket Folder Printing

Explore the work that we have done for other clients in our online portfolio. You'll find a section dedicated to pocket folder printing projects. Each project includes a detailed photograph of the design and production information. There are also brief descriptions of the demands and challenges encountered, as well as details of the solutions developed for each folder printing project.

Folder Printing FAQ

Buyers pursuing a printing project are likely to have questions about the process. Folder printing is no exception. That's why we've created this guide to frequently asked questions about the process. Common concerns that arise include the following:

  • How much will presentation folder printing cost?
  • What is possible? What have you done in the past?
  • Can you find a solution that fits the particular needs of my business?

Let's begin with the first question. Costs will vary, however, and will depend upon your budget. We will work hard to find a solution that meets both your aesthetic and functional requirements, as well as your budget requirements. The most economical folders follow the two-pocket 9” x 12” module and can be produced at minimum cost using either foil stamping or traditional offset.

To address the second question: we are a premier provider of printing services and incorporate the most advanced printing technology and are constantly refining our processes. Browse our portfolio, and talk to us about what you envision, and we are confident we can meet or exceed your demands.

And because we collaborate closely with clients, we learn about your business; we invest time in what's relevant to your industry or field. By working together closely, our team is able offer uniquely tailored solutions to your company or organization.


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