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Printing Greeting Cards and Announcements

Do you want people to hang on to your announcements? Does your organization want to send out professional looking custom cards? In either case, CJPW can help. Printing greeting cards with style and distinction makes a difference. Sending out holiday or greeting cards to your employees and clients is easy because your print order starts and finishes with CJPW – from prepress to fulfillment.

CJPW will help you find the perfect paper and printing processes throughout production, and will take care of the details for you through fulfillment and distribution. Printing postcards or greeting cards doesn't have to be a stressful experience.

If you are interested in sending cards to your clients, consider working with us, as your cards will stand out from the sea of other cards they receive over the course of the holiday season. This improves customer loyalty and makes it easy to start to start a conversation the next time you meet with them, they will likely thank you . The best part is that CJPW will foster that effort, putting our team to work for you.

Printing Postcards with Panache

Would you like a personalized postcard that you can send to new clients and contacts? CJPW has experience printing postcards with panache. We can help you to solidify business connections and maintain relationships crucial to the success of your organization. The process of printing greeting cards and postcards that are customized is simplified when you work with CJPW. These attractive and cost-effective mail outs will help you with the following:

  • Customer loyalty
  • Starting conversations with clients
  • Making sure that customers remember your product or service
  • Increasing sales

Over the years we’ve found that printing smaller size projects can be just as challenging – sometimes more – than the larger jobs. Great care must be taken regardless of the size of the order or the physical size of the piece!

Postcards, for instance, require special attention to trimming, especially when there are tight borders. An uneven or crooked border around the edges can ruin the appearance of an otherwise attractive piece. So, accurate finishing in the bindery is always a critical final step.

Whether you desire only a small print-run for special customers, or are interested in a large and sweeping print-run, CJPW will give you personalized attention from start to finish. Feel free to ask any questions you deem relevant, pick our brains to address any concerns that you have, or sit back and let us take care of everything for you. We love what we do, and we do it well.

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