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Promotional Printing of Flyers

There are two types of flyers. The kind that gets hung up on a refrigerator to save a date, and the kind that gets crumpled up and tossed into a waste bin. CJPW, through our experience in the printing of flyers, makes yours fall into the first category.

Our printing expertise executes your design meticulously, helping it to achieve its full potential. Printing flyers is a great cost-effective way to get the word out about your next event, as long as you distinguish yourself from all of the other print materials your target audience has to sort through on a daily basis.

Remember, CJPW's commitment to working with you in a collaborative relationship delivers superior results for your print projects.

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Printing Flyers on a Budget

One of the strengths of CJPW as a printing company is our ability to meet the needs of each particular client. We do our best work whether printing flyers on a tight budget, or a four-color process brochure with die-cutting and foil stamping. This flexibility is why our clients return to us again and again for their printing needs.

Your color flyer printing project will be a flying success when you work with us!

Color Flyer Printing Tips

Two important considerations in the printing of color flyers can really be condensed into one issue: color. The color of the paper and the interplay of the ink colors with that paper. Color flyer printing requires a clear message that can communicate value to someone in 5 seconds or less. If your flyer does not, or incorporates distracting color choices, it will be tossed into the recycling bin at best and into the trash can otherwise.

The printing of flyers requires a clean effective design that uses the right splashes of color, whether in the background or foreground, that mesh with the feel of your event, and that target the aesthetic sensibilities of your audience.


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