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Display Stand

PayXchange™, offered nationwide through a retail chain of over 17,000 outlets offered bill pay, prepaid and long-distance “top-up” services for cell phone users. They were owned by Softgate Systems™ and have since been purchased by PayPal. CJPW designed and developed both the retail and corporate branding for both companies.

This item is a plastic stand-up counter display for a retail flyer. In addition, we produced more than a hundred different items for the PayXchange in-store POS, including posters, sales brochures, window decals, signs and web banners. The printed materials were warehoused in our fulfillment facility and subsequently assembled into kits, then shipped daily to retail agents throughout the United States. Through CJPW’s proprietary web-based software, clients have access to product levels and processing in real-time 24/365, from desktop, smartphone or tablet.


Softgate Systems




Silk-screen two PMS colors on clear acrylic, die cut with tab closures.