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Womens' Health

This binder merits discussion because of the interesting interplay of pastel silkscreen inks and translucent vinyl. The printing required screening in two match inks, tinted to reproduce as light “ghosted” images to preserve the delicate subject matter. The tint values were carefully adjusted over a series of full-sheet press proofs submitted to the client prior to the production run.






Three-ring looseleaf binder, ¾” capacity containing one bank of four tab dividers ¼ cut and 81 leaves of text

Binder: 35-gauge white frost vinyl, silkscreen two PMS inks; die-cut affix white rivets

Interior: Text – one PMS ink on 60 lb. Finch Opaque

Tabs: one PMS on 100 lb. Finch VHF Fine Cover, clear mylar, punch, collate with text, shrinkwrap and insert into binder