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Scanning and Printing Services

Do you want to take your print communications to the next level? Read on to learn about how CJPW can help you take your designers' creative ideas to press. Remember that great designs are frequently sidetracked by less than optimal preparation. CJPW does not just offer a complete suite of scanning and printing services, we go to great lengths to ensure your images and documents are ready for printing. Everything that we do goes into bringing you the finest end product possible.

By trusting us to handle your photograph scanning, you are making sure that the images in your print materials will be high resolution and be optimized for your application.

Optimized Photograph Scanning

With the introduction of hundreds of styles of digital cameras to the marketplace, you may think that photograph scanning is a thing of the past since images from digital cameras do not need scanning. Not true. At CJPW we have found that our photo scanning service is still requested, especially by the fine art sector where many paintings and artworks have been previously recorded using traditional film photography. We continue to provide scanning services from 4x5 color chromes, 35mm transparencies and flat artwork.

We take into account the printing surface, whether it is a specific type of paper, or vinyl for a gift card, and act accordingly. Since we take advantage of both cylindrical and flat photograph scanning, we have the capability to scan flexible or rigid images, whatever your project requires.

Our aim is to join your team as your printing experts to take the raw vision you have developed, from conception to the convention, or wherever your finished product will end up.

No matter whether you are depending on us for business cards, wedding announcements, or your company's spring catalog, we will give you all the attention you need to make sure that from our photo scanning service to finishing and fulfillment, that you have a voice in the process. The diversity of our clientele speaks to our ability to serve many different industries, businesses, organizations, and individuals.

Digital Photo Scanning Service

Digital photographs are the medium of modern design and layout. However, CJPW has no problem converting your hard copy to digital format for print production with our photo scanning service. Because images play such an integral role in modern communications, the resolution and quality of the visuals in your print materials is important.

These services are frequently coupled with our expert image retouching by experienced professionals working with Adobe’s CS3 Photoshop application.

Trust CJPW to ensure that all of your images are true representations of their respective originals, with our scanning and printing services.

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